Trip to Anantagiri Hills

A few months back I spoke to a guide at AP Tourism Dept. who said that Anantagiri would be a great place for visit and in fact the Tourism Dept. has identified it as a potential place for tourism and so on.. Fortunately currently there is nothing developed!!! We were looking for a place which is not yet explored much by people and we could enjoy  our way.

When we started our tour, very first question our car driver asked us was, “What are you going to do at Vikarabad?”… :) This question created more enthusiasm among us.

A Google Search on “Anantagiri Hills” will take to those Anantagiri Hills near Visakhapatnam – which seem to be very popular with tourists! So, I searched again to find the Anantagiri near Hyderabad. And I come to know that Anantagiri is a place around 70 kilometers from Hyderabad and 6 kms from Vikarabad. What was more interesting to me in the information provided was that Anantagiri Hills is the birthplace of the river Musi, the tributary of Krishna on the banks of which my city Hyderabad was built. But we could not see any river passing from this place… :)

Anantagiri is a forest area mainly suitable for tracking. One can have adventurous experience of roaming in forest area. We wandered in the forest around 3-4 hrs. We were able to see some birds, insects and old horror trees. Also, there is a near by lake which one can have a look, but nothing great in that… There is also a temple of Lord Ananta Padhmanabha built centuries ago by a Muslim king.

In brief, it is a good place if one likes to do something different and have good company of adventurous friends…

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15 Responses to Trip to Anantagiri Hills

  1. Suresh says:

    Nice to here that! I want to know more about this place. Can you send me a mail so that I can send my questions. Thanks!

  2. hardiktank says:

    You can put your questions here also…..

  3. Raja says:

    Can you tell me more about this place ? Are there any waterfalls and what about the accomodation ? Also, how many days is needed ?


  4. Hardik Tank says:

    Hi Raja,

    I don’t think there is much to see here. You can go there early morning and come back by evening. Also, there isn’t any waterfall nearby! Actually, this place is good if you want to move away from crowd and have good companies of frends….

  5. Murali Mohan says:

    Hai Hardik,
    Its very nice to see the details of your Anantagiri Visit. Really you have given so many details about this place with good photographs. Actually all our friends from my office want to go this Anantagiri for a Picnic. I just want to know more details about this place and to know whether this place is suitable to go with a group of about 30 people? The good things to see there etc. I will be looking forward to hear more from you. Thanks. Bye.

    Murali Mohan Gade

  6. Hardik Tank says:

    Hi Mohan,

    Don’t expect much from the place, but if you are going in a group of 30 people then certain you will enjoy there. There is not much to see in Anantagiri, but its a different place then our daily environment. So, you will have a good change.

  7. Kiran Sagi says:

    I have been to this place. Dont expect too much from this place. If you want to just get away from the city, its fine. I would say you can go there for half a day excluding the travel. Choose a day with good whether you will enjoy the drive too.

  8. Sri says:

    I went there with couple of friends yesterday. It is a nice place with lots of greenery around. T^his is an unexplored location, Govt should try and promote this place and create infrastructure for tourists. There is a an old temple old of SRI ANANTA PADMANABHA SWAMY ( Lord Krishna ).

  9. Reddy says:

    There is an ancient tree in ananthagiri forest which i
    heard from the locals called sanjeevani tree which is
    equivalent to sanjeevani tree in Ramayana,,if one could locate that tree and eat its leaf or drink the nectar of the flowers from that tree he becomes immortal there is no death for him ,,but only godly and saintly people can see it and find it,,so some saintly persons can mail me.

  10. Archana Ramana says:

    Hello Hardik

    I am reading your blog 3 years after you wrote it :) Its good to see people who’re enthusiastic about nature get aways. The only thing that dis-heartens me is the fact that as soon as a place is identified as a potential tourist location, people start flocking to it and treat the surrounding areas with utter disrespect and disregard littering it indiscriminately. Needless to say this compltely ruins the beauty and serenity of the place. If you do more of these get aways and blog about them please do emphasize on your blogs that people respect the placestheygo to and maintain some civic sense. This is very sorely lacking in our society. Best Regards!

  11. Sandeep says:

    I am planning for some bike ride. Is this a good place. I am more focus on sight seeing on the way and nice roads with turns (not just straight road).
    Is this a good place to visit?

  12. RAKESH says:

    Dear all,

    Please suggest me about the food facilities near ananthagiri hills,Any hotels available there ?

  13. NAVEEN says:

    I will be going to Ananthagiri hils this Saturday, thanks for the information.


  14. Ravi Kiran says:

    Musi river takes birth from the bottom of pond located near anantha padbhanabha swamy temple. There are about 108 small ponds in the forest, search the forest and you will find few

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